Xeroom Version 2.6.3 – Release Notes December 2022

Modified on Mon, 12 Dec 2022 at 05:34 PM

Xeroom Version 2.6.3 – Release Notes

December 2022


1. Set Xero product code for Coupons


Enables the Xero product codes to be reused to avoid a lot of clutter growing in your Xero account from coupon codes that are typically generated from custom coupon code plugins and often only used once. 




2. Don’t Send Orders of Zero Value



This option prevents Xeroom from sending any orders to Xero that have a zero value - eg if paid by rewards or coupons.  This avoids clutter building up in Xero.  A message alerting the user of this appears in the Xeroom debug to avoid the user thinking orders are missing in Xero.




3. Use Cron to Bulk Send of Unsent Orders


Usually automatically sent orders (where the order send trigger is on Processing) will be executed at checkout time.  This should take 3-4 seconds but if the order is large eg> 10 items then it is going to take Xero a minute or longer to process it.  To avoid the customer waiting for this set this option which decouples the send process and sends the order within the next 5 minutes by a cron job.  Other options to this to avoid delays are to use a Manual order send or else send on order Completion.


4. Global Product Synch - Update Price only or Price and Description



The Global Product Synch (GPS!) can be used to do a hard update of prices and descriptions in WC or Xero from the other on a schedule.  So, depending on where you do you master updates the changes can be easily synched to/from Xero or to/from WC.  Note that when an order is sent from WC to Xero it will use the prices and descriptions from WC just for that invoice and NOT do any hard updates in Xero. Please ensure that you test this on one product to start with by checking the tick box in a product – see bleow. Daily is the recommended update schedule to avoid unnecessary server load.

5. Global Product Synch - Select products to synch product data for. 

You can now select which products to do a hard update to/from Xero with.  A tickbox and field is added to the product.  To bulk populate this field use an importer plugin like WCAllimport. 


7. Order no added to debug screen



This is useful where custom order nos are being used instead of the default Post_ID for order no.  Custom order nos can be set by plugs such as the Sequential Order No or WC PDF plugins.

8. Global Inventory Synch – Troubleshooting Improvements 


The way Xero works is that if an error occurs in synching just one product, then the whole job is aborted leaving some or all of the inventory not updated. Furthermore, often Xero does not return any info on the error or gives very generic error that doesn't enable the issue to be troubleshooted eg "The total cost pool of tracked inventory items cannot be reduced to less than zero."   If you have hundreds of products that are synching then it becomes an almost impossible task to troubleshoot.


To remedy this, we have created a debugging tool that will reduce the batch size of SKU's being synched to 10 and send all of your products being synched in batches of 10 which will take some time if you have a lot.  By examining the log files you can then isolate the problem SKUs.  In tandem with this we have added an SKU blacklist of products that will not be synched thus enabling the problem products to be removed from the synch.   Note that the Batch size for sync setting is for the non-debug mode and sets the no of products to chunk the sync into for Xero to digest.  This can be 500 but reduce it if the jobs are not completing.



Bug Fixes

The bug fixes in this version are:

  1. Tax on flat rate shipping when set to none and product takes tax.
  2. Orders with free shipping were not posting.
  3. Undefined array key "Code"error.
  4. IndexInit Uncaught Error.
  5. Invoice sent status being wrongly set when sending fails
  6. Illegal string offset 'UnitPrice'
  7. Global Inventory Synch cron job not showing as complete
  8. GIS incorrect log file opening.


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