How Xeroom Works with Tracked Products in Xero

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How Xeroom Works with Tracked Products in Xero

What is inventory tracking?

Tracking means that a product has inventory or stock carried in it and so means inventory control.  Whenever a transaction takes place the inventory changes to reflect the movement.  The cost of goods sold account has an entry reflecting the cost change and the inventory asset account which tracks the actual number.  For further information see

Xeroom Orders with Tracked Items in Xero

Setting a product to be tracked is simple and can be set by going to the product.  Once a product is tracked however reversing the process is not so easy.  

A second drawback is that Xero won't permit a negative inventory value so back orders is not a concept that is recognised.  This is important when mapping from WooCommerce.  If you are using the inventory synch feature in Xeroom and the item is tracked then if Xero is set to be the Master the inventory cannot go below Xero and the order will not post giving the message "No items available to sell" which is given on posting and also shows in the Xeroom debug log.  To fix this add inventory in Xero by making an adjustment. For the other two settings the order is permitted to go forward into Xero.

How to Change a Product from Tracked to Untracked in Xero

The limitations of tracking can be a hassle so if you decide you want to stop tracking a product there are two ways to fix it:

1) Reverse any transactions that use that product and then set it to untracked in the product setting.

2) Rename the product code with a prefix like X and then recreate the item with the previous code.  Xeroom will automatically create a new product once an order container it is posted. 

How to Get Rid of the Purchase Bills Generated by Xero from Tracking Movements

When tracking is on or something goes wrong in the Xeroom posting it can give rise to a large number of purchase bills in Xero.  These are automatically generated so that inventory doesn't fall below zero.  These bills cannot be voided as they support the inventory adjustments.  The simplest and quickest way to deal with them is to pay them off in bulk from the Bills screen by using a dummy bank account or if you are doing purchasing in Xero then pay them to a clearing asset or liability control account.


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