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New Support Portal - Knowledge Base

Welcome to our new support portal which is released as a draft version whilst we add all our existing content over the next month. 

Getting Help

1.Common issues – For immediate assistance please search our Knowledge Base here where we will add all information about Xeroom, support tickets, release notes, features, presales and issues.

2.Known issues – These are listed on the Updates page and will be fixed for the next release.

3. Use the latest releases – Update your system to have the latest versions of all the key software platform components to see if it resolves the issue ie Xeroom, WooCommerce, WordPress and PHP.  We do not support earlier versions more than 6 months old.

4.  Plugin & theme conflicts – With dozens of Woo related plugins being used we cannot guarantee that Xeroom will work with any of them.  Xeroom is coded to a high standard by one of the best specialist developers of WooCommerce plugins but this is not the case with many others which inevitably can causes issues.  

To identify any conflicts try using the default theme and disabling any Woocommerce or Xero related plugins that might be affecting orders and their content. 


Cloning Your Site

Whilst simple issues and errors can be tested and fixed on a Live production site for more tricky issues or conflicts we recommend setting up a clone of your site for staging and proper testing purposes.  This can be easily done with most hosts these days.  This will also prove useful should we need to login to try any fixes as we will not change anything on a live site.  

How to Find the Error Debug Logs

Most of the obvious issues and errors given on screen when trying to do things will be covered by this knowledge base.  Always take a screenshot at the time and place of the error happening.  The more information we have the quicker we can resolve your issue.  

The following logs will often give crucial information to enable either you or us to provide a quick answer and resolution.

A. Xeroom Debug Screen - For Xeroom and Xero error messages

This is under Xeroom/Debug Page. Always check here first as Xeroom not only lists error messages from the plugin itself but feeds back any error messages generated by Xero and displays them here.  They may also not always be what they appear and can be a bit cryptic but please take a screenshot covering the order no in question and include when opening a ticket.  The debug log goes back 30 pages so if necessary repeat the order as a test in order to generate the errors.

B. WooCommerce Debug Log - For System and PHP Errors

Please check for any serious system and PHP error messages in Woocommerce\Status\logs.  Some hosts like WP Engine provide access to the error logs via the WordPress Dashboard.

Other errors will show in the Woocommerce debug.log file found in the WP-content directory for any warnings relating to Xeroom. To set this see here and for general WordPress debugging here  This file will be large and log all messages including advisory ones most of which will be irrelevant.  Remember not to leave it on otherwise it will show to the users.  Do a search for Xeroom and then copy and paste the relevant Xeroom messages if any are found.


Open a Support Ticket

Before opening a ticket please follow the steps above.   We think we reasonably intelligent (lol) but are not mind readers so please provide as much info as possible so we can help you!

To open a ticket either use the "Submit a Ticket" button on support/home or send an email to You can also click on the “Support” widget in the bottom right hand corner and filling in as much info as possible so we can quickly understand your issue and help you. Please include the following:

  1. Xeroom and Woocommerce version nos if not the latest.

  2. Brief explanation of the issue and what triggers it.

  3. How often is the issue occurring?

  4. Screenshots or short video of the issue including of the Xeroom debug page, Xeroom settings pages, the Woocommerce order and any error messages or behaviour or results in Woocommerce or Xero.

  5. Your Xeroom licence key and the name of purchaser if it is not you.

  6. Provide an admin login access to your site using Xsupport as the user and as the email.

Response time: We aim to respond within 2 working days.  If you have had no answer and it is over 2 days please send a reminder as we are fallible and occasionally miss a ticket.  If your annual licence has expired please renew it to get another year’s support. 

Providing Access to Your System

We occasionally might need access to your system to investigate in depth the issue.  So please be prepared to provide an admin user access or super admin to a staging copy of your site along with FTP server access and access to your Xero account as a standard business user using as the user email.

Pre-Sales Questions

Please browse the Presales pages on our site and search the Knowledge Base here for answers and if not answered then send a brief email to: with the word Presales (along with the rest of your title) in the subject.

Note: To keep our licence prices low we do not do free presales phone calls, presentations, installations, troubleshooting or fixes – these are available as extras for a low-cost fixed-price paid service in our shop.

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