How to set up posting of Xero Tracking Categories from WooCommerce

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Posting Tracking Categories from WooCommerce to Xero

What are Xero Tracking Categories? 

Tracking categories in Xero are a tool to enable more specific tracking of you sales by giving a greater degree of visibility via the categories.  These are typicall branches, brands, departments, cost centres etc and can be assigned to products on the face of the invoice and then used in custom reports to provide a basic business intelligence on sales. A maximum of two can be used in Xero. We have enabled Xeroom to use these so that they automatically populate the invoice when the order is posted to Xero.  Setup is simple and detailed below.

Mapping Tracking Categories in WooCommerce

This is a two-step process.  Firstly, after having defined them in Xero and populated them with values they need to be given in the Xeroom General Settings page separating more than one category by a comma. 

Secondly, you have to refresh the lists in Xeroom by refreshing your connection to Xero.  Do this by hitting the Xero Authorize button and then Continue with existing organisation.  

This will take you back and then when you go to your products under Xero Account Settings you will see the list of values populated in a  drop-down list.  eg below is an example with Brands.

The tracking categories will then appear on the invoices and be available for reporting in Xero. 

Bulk Assignment of Tracking Categories to Products in WooCommerce

Anything more than a small number is going to be too intensive to do manually so use a 3rd party tool such as WP All Import to load them from a spreadsheet that can in turn exported from your Xero account.  Any IT/Web person can do this but if you don't have one we are able to provide this as a service.

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