Xeroom Licence Awaiting Activation

Modified on Tue, 07 Feb 2023 at 02:39 PM

Xeroom Licence Awaiting Activation

You licence is valid for a year from purchase.  There is a daily check on this and if our server can't be reached for any reason then it will say deactivated.

If your renewal date has not been reached then it means that there must be some block of your IP address to our server from the firewall, antibot or Cloudflare system for some reason.  We have whitelisted the licence check uri but sometimes IP addresses can be blacklisted or have low reputation scores - rightly or wrongly - on databases that are used by the firewalls.

Xeroom should provide a 7 day grace period to allow for renewals or fixes.

To resolve it:

1. Send us your IP Address - Please can you send us your server IP address so we can then whitelist it.  Any block will automatically clear after 10 mins.  To do this open a ticket or send an email to support@xeroom.com.

2. Create a test file -To help identify where the block is please create a curl test file which checks that the authentication process is working or not.  Open Notepad and cut and paste these lines into it and save it as curltestABC.php where ABC is your own unique initials.  Edit the bold licence key string to be your licence key which can be found on your order confirmation email - see below.


echo "<h1>Curl Test</h1><br>\n";

$output = shell_exec('curl https://www.xeroom.com/apidata.php?license_key=636a117ec1234');

echo "<pre>$output</pre>";

3. Copy and run - Then copy this to the root directory of your website server ie the /public_html directory and then run it by entering: www.yourwebsite\curltestABC.php 

If working correctly with no blocks then this will return your all licence details as below.  If it is blocked will give you an error. 

4. Send us the result - Please send us the screenshot that you get so we can see which part of the connection to our server is creating the block  Also send us your server IP address so we can whitelist it and ideally a login to your site so we can check it has cleared and is working properly.  Please use support@xeroom.com as the username.

Other Causes

If curl is missing from your server build then the communication with our server will not work.  This is standard in builds but sometimes gets deactivated. We have had a rare case where the host was not allowing calls out of their servers - this was where a cheap host was used and is not normally the issue.  It was immediately solved when they moved to a big name host. You can check with your host to see if it is not installed or available for use. For further informations see the curl site https://curl.se/.

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